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In our EyeShop you can find all the products and services for your eyes care. Our trusted optic facility has a great staff that takes care of your need to see well, clear and sharp with comfortable and sophisticated glasses as well as state of the art contact lenses, at a great price.

Contact lens fitting service
This service given by an experienced contact lens optometrist is ideal if the patient is going to wear contact lenses for the first time or if the ones he is wearing do not work for him. Also when it comes to special contact lenses fitting (Scleral lenses, Hybrid lenses and Gas Permeable lenses) that are indicated for patients with keratoconus or other abnormal, irregular corneas, our experienced staff can assist our patients in the whole process.

Your eyeglasses with our professional guarantee!

Our services

At EyeShop Óptica you will receive personalized attention and service throughout your visit. Our optometry experts have the professional knowledge in the product they offer you to ensure that your eye glasses work for you. You also have the support of the ophthalmologists of OftalmoCIMA, 3 steps from the Eye Shop, to assist you as needed.

  • Visit us and discover our modern selection of prescription glasses and sunglasses.
  • Quality and sophisticated novelties to show off and take care of your eyes at a great price.
  • Patients prefer us for our personalized service, professionalism, and commitment to quality.
  • Collections for men, women and children.

This is our commitment to quality:

You can be completely confident that the glasses you buy at EYESHOP Óptica will help you see well and you will be able to comfortably use them in all your daily activities in which they are required.

Services we offer

  1. Optometric exams.
  2. Contact lens fitting.
  3. Prescription eyeglasses and ophthalmic lenses for: single vision, progressive, bifocal, occupational. We offer you a wide variety of materials to adapt to your visual needs and budget.
  4. Sunglasses.
  5. Contact lenses and products for their use and care.
  6. Special filters to protect your eyes from the effects of artificial light and sun UV light and also to protect your lenses from scratching.

We provide you with the ideal filter for each of your needs.

Get to know them by clicking on each of them!

Anti-Reflection (AR)
Increases the transparency of the lens, eliminating reflections, reducing glare, visual fatigue and attenuating harmful radiation in reflected images.
Uv Filter
Filters ultraviolet radiation from the sun, UVA and UVB rays to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun on the eyes.
Hydrophobic AR
Repels impurities of any kind (dust, water, grease, etc.), so they will stay clean for longer without the need to constantly rub them with cleaning cloths.
Gives the possibility of tinting the lenses in different colors. The color in the lenses absorbs different amounts of light depending on its intensity and is used to reduce eye strain, but it does not filter the ultraviolet rays of the sun, so it is mandatory to apply UV filters as an additional value.
Is a treatment that can be applied to all organic (plastic) lenses or that will be additionally treated with an anti-reflective coating. The application of the scratch protection layer offers greater protection and hardness of the lenses, but does not prevent them from scratching due to poor handling.
Photochromatic (Photosensitive)
This filter darkens in the sun's rays and clears up in the shade. This filter is recommended for people who are sensitive to the sun's rays. It can also be combined with anti glare and colors such as gray, brown and green.
Filter that allows light to pass in only one direction through a polarized plate in the lens matrix. They improve the perception of color and depth, as well as sensitivity to contrast outdoors. Polarized lenses reduce glare from reflected light and are great for driving, fishing, or outdoor practice. In addition to filtering excess luminance, they eliminate horizontal reflections that can come from water, asphalt or shiny surfaces, avoiding glare.
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